DJ500websiteThe urge to define generations largely depends on where you’re standing in line.  For some, the need comes a yearning for a shared history, memory, and familiarity.  For others, its driven by desire to shape an identity in a time that has championed hope, optimism, equality, and self-reliance.  And for our latest generation of collaborators, filmmakers, creatives, thinkers, producers, employees and interns, there’s a need for practical, useful everyday things against which to apply our creativity.

No matter the impulse to divide amongst demographic lines, our team has got a few things in common.

We’re driven by a spirit of curiosity about human nature, a Kokopelli-like need to travel and tell stories, and an ethos of experimentation.  So when we’re not out tinkering, documenting, or reflecting, we’re always asking “What in the world makes us scream with delight” and “wait, how does this thing work?”

When we first snapped this picture, we couldn’t tell if this was our preditor cutting together a sizzle reel, our CTO programming, or our design lead touching up our illustrators work.  Regardless of who we are individually, our mantra is the same.  We know who we are.  We know what we need to do.  We know this beat/crossbeat will make the world move.


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