bulbSmart data is our way into insightful, truthful discoveries about human interaction and a way to listen, understand, and create deeply connected experiences.  We know that memorable and effective work is rooted in insight about human behavior that tells us something about the human condition.

We also believe that the scientific method is the only way to understand the impact of marketing and advertising on consumers.  That’s why we come up with hypotheses around content, service, and shared experience (Fig 1) and test them in the real market to determine the implications for our clients.

We are designers at heart and use the process of design to explore the future of media, commerce, and community.

Strategically fueled, we specialize in interactive experiences and content in mixed realities as well as prototypes, MVPs, and digital products powered by elegant technology and/or machine learning.   Creatively led, we create emotional connections with audiences through narratives that play between the beats and crossbeats of culture, technology, and the things we hold dear.

Ways of Working

Brand  + Innovation Strategy
Prototypes & Minimum Viable Products
Branded Entertainment