Don’s Don

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How We Contributed:
  • Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots
  • Development

Facebook Messenger

Donald Trump has defied expectations and trampled social conventions.  He has become a brand, an earned media magnet with the power to withstand accusations of un-Presidential-like behavior.   While we may never know how he has managed to defy the expectations by winning the Republican nomination, his hair is now available for conversation and to launch its own career in media.  Here is an opportunity to learn more about the Don and his Don. 

At the recently launched Facebook Messenger called “The Don’s Don,” you can now ask a Donald Trump themed chat bot any question on any issue.  The questions and answers train our algorithm powering the Don to answer Trump supporters, fans, and trumpbots with responses to their defense of his behaviors, opinions, and expressions.

And he can deliver today’s most relevant news to you.  Featuring the top hashtags from social networks, Don’s Don will deliver the news . . . The Donald style. 

There are even Easteregg-like content.  Ask questions about hair related topics and get the best in pate-related responses.  Text Don’s Don after 8pm and speak with the Drunk Trumpbot.