Our Book Launch Event

Data & Creativity in Marketing

How We Contributed:
  • Strategy
  • Design-Thinking
  • Scientific Method
  • Product Strategy


SummaryData & Creativity Invite 03.21.17This book, commissioned by Kogan Page, a UK-based trade publication focused on marketing and advertising, selected me as a first-time author based on the following article:  Quantitative Hitman.  What came out of this article was a year long plus journey to document what I had learned in the creative agency environment that’s applicable to both big brands and start-ups.  The practice of starting a data practice in a creative environment – be it entrepreneurial, agency, innovation-focused organizations, or creative company, this book covers the topics that plague creative companies, organizations, and individuals attempting to digest what’s happened in

As some of you know, our CEO have spent the better part of 18 months authoring a book about creativity and data (something Crossbeat is well-known for).  What you may not also know is that design, process, and content has also been a bigger focus and that there are a few people left required to read books (“kids, its time to line up for school!”)
This part consumer-focused primer and part textbook is meant to be a starting point for dialogue around data (this which is the currency on which digital is built) and creativity (that which is the last of things that make us human) and how it applies in marketing (including AI and machine learning).  But you know me – I’m curious about what happens next.  Aren’t you?  So come join a panel discussion in celebration of my book launch.
There’s a lot going on in the field of marketing, services, and media that are being transformed by the PROCESS of combining data and marketing and I’d love for you to join us in a discussion with Joanna (Thinxmachine, formerly of IBM), Kay (Instagram), Liz (DECODED, who are the kind hosts for the event), and myself in a happy hour evening talking this through.
Its also an excuse to say hello.  Please do if you’re in NYC.